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A former Cook County Prosecutor who rose through the ranks gaining a tremendous amount of courtroom experience. During his six years at the State’s Attorney Office, Attorney Allen prosecuted thousands of cases and took hundreds of cases to trial including over 300 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Charges. He became specialized in the area of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and all other criminal charges. He became a wealth of knowledge to fellow prosecutors and police officers by leading training sessions. Attorney Allen was elevated in the State’s Attorney’s Office and was entrusted to charge all the felonies in over 30 municipalities. During his tenure Attorney Allen investigated and charged a range of felonies from murder to forgery. His experience with charging all of these cases has provided him with all of the particulars and elements needed to properly prosecute a charge. Attorney Allen now takes that same knowledge to defeat faulty charges brought by prosecutors. Attorney Allen is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. While at Xavier, he studied Biology and Chemistry. During his undergraduate studies Attorney Allen conducted research at Northwestern University as well as Perdue University. He went on to Howard University School of Law. During his time at Howard University School of Law, he interned with the District of Columbia Public Defender’s Office and The District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General. He honed his unique style of litigation while interning at these different governmental entities. Attorney Allen got an early start defending his own clients while still in law school after being chosen from a large pool of applicants and vigorous interview process to be a member of the prestigious Howard University Criminal Justice Clinic. With the help of a supervising attorney, he began defending his own clients in the District of Columbia Circuit Court. Because of his commitment to helping improve his community, Attorney Allen received the highly coveted Public Interest Fellowship from Howard University. Attorney Allen now brings his diverse talents to his clients. Due to his vast experience in charging and prosecuting criminal cases he is keenly aware of what elements and procedures prosecutors must undertake to successfully prosecute a case. He uses that knowledge to properly protect the rights of his clients. Attorney Allen then combines all of his practical knowledge with his unique scientific background and creates unique solutions to difficult problems. Attorney Allen has obtained useful and positive results in situations where others have considered them impossible to solve.

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