Shay T. Allen, Esq.

Legal Scholar

Serves as an Adjunct Professor at Depaul University College of Law.

Over 18 Years of Experience

Including working in the State's Attorney's Criminal Trial Division.

Our Awards and Certificates

Recognized by his peers in the National Trial Lawyers "Top 100"!

Experienced. Caring. Effective.

Shay T. Allen

During his six years at the State’s Attorney Office, Attorney Allen prosecuted thousands of cases and took hundreds of cases to trial including over 300 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Charges. He became specialized in the area of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and all other criminal charges. He became a wealth of knowledge to fellow prosecutors and police officers by leading training sessions. 

Attorney Allen was elevated in the State’s Attorney’s Office and was entrusted to charge all the felonies in over 30 municipalities. During his tenure Attorney Allen investigated and charged a range of felonies from murder to forgery.
His experience with charging all of these cases has provided him with all of the particulars and elements needed to properly prosecute a charge. Attorney Allen now takes that same knowledge to defeat faulty charges brought by prosecutors.

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Shay T. Allen, Esq. is the founder and lead counsel at S.T. Allen Law, P.C., which focuses on civil rights, criminal defense, civil litigation, and personal injury.  Attorney Allen is a tireless advocate and legal servant of more than 100 municipalities in the Chicagoland area.

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