Two Witnesses To Brickyard Mall Incident Say Police Attacked Them For Filming Officers Who Dragged Two Women From Car – CBS Chicago

Lazendra Collins and Willie Teague said they saw police officers using batons to smash the windows of a car in the Brickyard Mall parking lot on May 31, and drag Mia Wright and Tnika Tate out of the vehicle.

Two people who say they witnessed Chicago police dragging two women out of a car outside the Brickyard Mall last week claim officers attacked them when they began recording the incident.

Collins and Teague said they were stuck in a line of cars trying to get out of the parking lot when Collins started using her phone to record what was happening to Wright and Tate.

“We weren’t asking for trouble. We didn’t go loot. We didn’t go protest. We just were going to get something to eat, and decided to document what was going on,” Teague said.

Their attorneys, Shay Allen and Tamara Walker, said police had blocked most of the exits to the parking lot in an effort to contain looting, so Collins and Teague couldn’t leave when officers told them to.